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Real Estate Services Topics

Residential Real Estate Brokers & Agents Topics

Making Sense of Mello Roos In Lincoln Crossing

I'm always getting questions from home buyers regarding the Mello Roos tax in Lincoln. Heres a detailed explanation.

Real estate agents pay buyers who buy through them

Real estate agents pay buyers who buy through them

Residential Property Management Topics

Ten Pitfalls to Avoid When Getting New Tenants

Over the years, I have learned a lot about searching for new tenants.  When my wife and I purchased our first rental property over ten years ago, we had to learn the hard way. Here are some tips on what it takes to find good tenants and starting off on the right foot. Here are ten things you can do to avoid some major headaches.

Real Estate Research, Information & Market Reports Topics

Tips and Tricks for Online Real Estate Sales & Auctions

Learn some tips and tricks about making an informed decision regarding online real estate auctions and investment properties.

Residential Real Estate Brokers & Agents

Now is a Great Time to Buy a New Home, Townhouse or Condominium

There is no better time than now to purchase a home; however, there are specific things you want to know before jumping in with both feet. Make sure you open the door instead of having to crawl through the back, so you get exactly what you want.

So You Want To Be A Real Estate Agent?

Have you recently passed the real estate exam and are wondering what to do next? Well, keep reading to find out.

Google Sketchup as a real estate marketing tool

This 3D modeling software owes its market penetration to its ease of use and cost: free.

Business Advice for Residential Real Estate Brokers & Agents

A Guide to the National Association of Realtors

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) is currently one of the largest trade associations in the United States.

Residential Property Management - Questions & Answers

What is your opinion of the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM)?

Top answer: Favorable

Real Estate Appraisal Topics

Researching the sale price of homes comparable to your own (comps) is a good way to get a rough idea of your home's current value.

Top answer: True

Real Estate Agents Topics

Should I use a home inspector recommended by a listing agent?

Top answer: No, it is a conflict of interest

Home Staging Topics

10 Home Staging Secrets

Getting ready to put your home on the market? Don't make a move without checking out these 10 secrets

16 DIY Home Staging Tips

Learn some tips that you can use to stage your home on your own.

Benefits of Home Staging

Learn more about the benefits of hiring a home stager.

Cost of Home Staging

How much do home staging services typically cost? Learn about the factors that increase and decrease the cost of home staging. We can also match you to a home stager in your local area.

Home Staging: Before and After

Watch this video to see the dramatic difference that home staging can make on your home.

Home Staging: "Buyer-Ready" Photos

Home buyers usually begin shopping online, so the photos used in your listing have a major impact on their first impression of your home. Since the first impression is a lasting impression, if the pictures aren't good, buyers will move on. Here are some tips to make sure your pictures are buyer-ready.

Home Staging Certification

Learn more about home staging certifications and credentials.

Home Staging Cost

How much does home staging cost? Learn more about the factors that impact the price of hiring a professional to stage your home for sale. You can also use our free matching service to find a local home stager.

Home Staging FAQs

Get answers to frequently asked questions about home staging.

Home Staging: The Importance of Paint Color

The colors we choose to decorate our home in reflect our personalities. Also, every color invokes a reaction or emotion, so color also serves an important function when staging your home to sell or rent.

Home Staging: Top 10 Decorating Mistakes

Selling Your Home? Avoid making these decorating mistakes.

#HomeStaging on Twitter

Find resources related to #HomeStaging on Twitter.

Showhomes-Naples helps home sellers prepare their home for market

Learn why selling a vacant home can be a difficult task.

Tips for Eliminating Offensive Household Odors

There's an old saying......"If it has a small, it won't sell."

Top 5 Home Staging Tips for DIY

The 5 easiest and least expensive ways you can prepare your home for sale.

Types of Services Offered by Home Stagers

Learn more about various types of services offered by home stagers.

Vacant Home Staging

Vacant homes sell for less money and stay on the market longer. In today's market, it's more important than ever to stage a vacant home.

What is Home Staging?

Home staging is a way of preparing your home for sale by eliminating clutter and removing personal items.

Why It’s So Important to Stage A Vacant Home

Learn why home staging is important to sell a home

Why Staging Still Matters in a Sellers Market

This article explains why staging is still a very necessary and vital step in selling your home, no matter what the market.

How long should a home staging consultation last?

Top answer: One to two hours

Do home stagers offer any guarantees that a home will sell?

Top answer: Never

Does a home stager typically provide pictures of a staged home for marketing purposes?

Top answer: Yes (at no additional cost)

Does the homeowner have any input in the staging and design process?

Top answer: Always

How do home stagers most commonly charge for services?

Top answer: Flat fee based on hours and rental fees

How long does it typically take to fully stage a 2,000 sf occupied home?

Top answer: One full day (8 hours)

How long does it typically take to fully stage an occupied 1,250 sf space?

Top answer: 4-6 hours

Is cleaning typically included in the cost of home staging?

Top answer: No, but it can be included for an additional cost

Should I hire a home stager before or after I hire a real estate agent?

Top answer: After hiring a real estate agent

Should I hire a home stager before or after my house is on the market?

Top answer: Before the house is on the market

What is your opinion of the American Society of Home Stagers and Redesigners (ASHSR)?

Top answer: Favorable

What is your opinion of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP)?

Top answer: Favorable

What is your opinion of the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA)?

Top answer: Favorable

Who typically pays for home staging services?

Top answer: The homeowner

Will a home stager typically re-stage a room if the homeowner or real estate agent is unsatisfied?

Top answer: Yes (at no additional cost)

Other Real Estate Services Topics

Creditors Beware: Consumers Who Know Their Legal Rights!

In the past four years we have become more familiar with the terms: Short Sale, Foreclosure, and Bankruptcy. Creditors have become increasingly aggressive and have resorted to bullying the consumer. As consumers we must know what our legal rights are in order to show your creditors that this behavior is unacceptable.

4 Tips on How to Tenant Your Property at Closing – Forced Appreciation

Ever dream of falling into a deal where you find a vacant building on sale and tenant it the day you close the sale? It’s the best of both worlds. You get the forced appreciation that the tenant creates and you buy at a value based on zero income.

When You’re Everyone’s Business and No One’s Responsibility - Boston Commercial Real Estate

You call investment property brokers in your market, tell them about what you’re looking for, and meet with a few. It feels like you’re making progress. The word is on the street, you’re looking to buy an investment property with great cash flows, upside potential, and at distressed prices. Everyone knows. You wait by the phone and check your email for the wealth building deals to roll in.

You may be in violation of the NAR Code of Ethics

Land is now a "Specialty" under the real estate laws....

Protecting Assets from the Claims of Creditors

The Maryland Legislature has passed legislation which has been signed into law which extends the immunity of all types of property held as tenants by the entirety (“T/E”) from the claims of a spouse’s separate creditors.

Real Estate Investing Myths

Real Estate Investments Myths and Realties

On the Road to Stabilization - With a Few Caution Lights

We saw some encouraging figures for housing over the past month. Existing-home sales rose to a 5.8 million unit annualized pace in April.

Right Now Is A Great Time For Buyers!

If you are renting and have thought about taking that step in owning your "own" home--don't wait any longer! With interest rates and housing prices at an all time low, it's a win-win situation.

SARASOTA - Sales climb in February 2012; pending sales rise to 11 month high


Sarasota Real Estate Market for October Outpaces Last Year

Sarasota real estate market for October 2011

Sarasota Real Estate Market Trending Toward Normalcy

A steady drop in property inventory for sale, combined with a stable sales demand in the Sarasota real estate market, is pointing toward normal, healthy property appreciation in the coming months.

Sarasota Real Estate Update

Sales surge in December 2010 and prices remain stable

Time for Spring Cleaning Your Finances

Tips for getting your financial matters in order.

Trusted Real Estate Professional or Order Taker !

Sales Advice for Realtors and all Sales People

93 Plus Potential Land Disclosure Issues

The public does not know that real estate agents are not taught anything about Land Brokerage...

The “HUNT” for a Rental

How to effectively apply for a rental, beat the competition, and win over the landlord.

Thinking of buying a short-sale home? Be prepared to be patient.

Real Estate Investing: Short Sale Reality Check. Thinking of buying a short-sale home? Be prepared to be patient.


WHY invest in commercial real estate then? If the loan criteria are tougher, and the deals take longer to close-why not just stick with residential investing?

What's the Impact of Disaster in Japan?

The world has become so small, and we have all become so interconnected, that the disaster in Japan is ready to, if it has not already, affected the rest of the globe. For the United States in particular, I have some thoughts to share about what the likely impact on our country is going to be.

Time is Running Out on Converting Your IRA to a Roth IRA

Why should you convert from Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA? •Unlike traditional IRA, distributions are TAX-FREE. •No minimum distributions required at age 70 1/2.

Real Estate Syndication – A Superior Investment Vehicle

Real estate syndication is a large part of the real estate rental market place. Real estate syndication is simply the pooling of funds from numerous investors and channelling those funds into real estate projects.

Recovery Hinges on The Small Business Entrepreneur

Recovery Hinges on The Small Business Entrepreneur

Future Of New Homes

With the many developments made to improve energy efficiency in houses, the question is - what's next?

SARASOTA Property sales up 8.2 percent for full year 2011; prices stable

SARASOTA Property sales up 8.2 percent for full year 2011; prices stable

Property Tax Appeals - Are You Paying Too Much?

Most homes are over assessed in the current market. As property values drop in the market, you want to make sure your property assessment is reflective of those reductions. Make sure you are fairly assessed! Read on for more information.

In Real Estate - The Early Bird Catches the Worm

The Brazilian real estate market is on fire. Property prices there are going up between 20%-25% per year.

Miami Residential Summer Update

With homes again selling, demand is pushing prices up. Very good news for Miami homeowners and sellers.

Promotional Videos - Residential Real Estate Brokers & Agents

High End - High Altitude Marketing

New technology allows important advances and the ability to draw people in ways never thought possible before now.

Mansions at Acqualina, Sunny Isles Beach, Florida

Mansions at Acqualina, Sunny Isles Beach, Florida

Promotional Videos - Real Estate Consultants

Cindy Allen, Realtor

Have a question about real estate you want answered?

Promotional Articles - Residential Real Estate Brokers & Agents

Why Do Sellers & Buyers Hire the Prakash Team?

Buying or Selling Real Estate Today

Does FHA Require a Roof Inspection?

Top answer: Always

The assessed value of your home (the value you pay taxes on) is typically less than the sale value of your home.

Top answer: Most of the time

Will installing laminate floors reduce the value of my home?

Top answer: In some cases

What's the Difference Between a Home Inspector and a Home Appraiser?

Related Questions & Answers

Do I need a land survey before closing on my house?

Top answer: In some cases

Do window treatments increase the value of my property?

Top answer: In some cases

Radon is only a problem in certain regions of the United States.

Top answer: False

Am I required to resolve any radon problems before putting my home on the market?

Top answer: Never

Are homeowners required to test for radon before putting their house on the market?

Top answer: Never

How often do I need to pump my septic tank?

Top answer: As-needed basis

Will new hardwood floors add value to my home?

Top answer: In most cases

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